Thursday, 19 October 2017

Unicorn vs Mermaid SOLD OUT Get Your Exclusive Starter Kit Instead

UK & Northern Ireland - Get your first box for £8! 
U.K. code- OCTOBER8

Ireland  - Get your first box for €8! 
Ireland code: OCTOBER11

Offer ends 31st October 2017 or until stocks last.


ON SALE! An LED Mirror That Won't Break The Bank

Hey you! I'm so excited to talk about this today, firstly because I've been looking for a reason to blog since I've been on holiday, secondly, reason being that it's definitely one for the Christmas list, I know because I've just added it to mine; enter Studio London LED - The Makeup Light Mirror. This little beauty is everything you've ever needed for a fraction of the usual price. The reason I'm so excited to talk about it you ask? It's down in price to £18... What a bargain.

As you can see it's a decent size when compared brushes and the balm, so there's definitely enough room to cover your whole face and chest in there. Also, the fact that it folds in on itself means you can easily take it with you should you need to go somewhere for an overnight stay, meaning, always fabulous!

Feel like a superstar and apply your makeup in perfect lighting for a fabulous finish with the LED light up makeup mirror. It's even small enough to take on-the-go - perfection! - Superdrug

The LED mirror comes with a USB charger, as everything does these days, or you can use batteries if you aren't close enough to a power supply. All in all, I think you're within your wishes to ask for this one and it definitely will not break Santa's budget. Go on, get your glow on!

Image credit: Superdrug

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Get your 1st Glossybox for just £6

UK & Northern Ireland - Get your first box for £6! 
U.K. code- SUN

Ireland  - Get your first box for €8! 
Ireland code: SUNNY

Offer ends 31st August 2017 or until stock lasts.

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